HR U-Connect

HR U-Connect for Employees Services

HR U-Connect offers employees a third-party HR Consultant & Coach to discuss and enhance workplace opportunities like performance issues, unfavorable mid and annual evaluations and career pathing. We believe HR U-Connect offers the professional/person/customer a safe haven to express their concerns with the re-assurance that we will keep all information private and confidential.

What makes our services so unique is that we cater to the employee by removing the uneasiness of expressing a concern or grievance by knowing that we are focused on guiding and coaching employees to resolve real issues.

Our goal is to provide a state if the art service by providing Experienced HR Consultants/Certified Coaches to help achieve optimum results for professionals.

How does HR U-Connect works?

Once registered, you will be sent a form to complete and within 24 hours we will assign you to an experienced HR Consultant/Coach that will work with you based on the service selected. Your HR Consultant/Coach will meet with you based on your schedule and time that works best for you.

Our services are built on a monthly bases. After every session, you'll be given a report based on the session’s discussion recommendations and follow-up exercises (12hrs to 24hrs after session).  It is the professional’s/person’s/customer responsibility to work on areas that are being addressed to ensure personal milestones/results are being achieved.

  • Career Development
  • Career Management
  • Performance Development and Management
  • Workplace Management
Other areas:
  • Leadership Development
  • Start Up development
  • Personal Development
  • Work/Life Balance

Reasons to Subscribe

Customers/Subscribers will have a professional HR and Coaching expert to listen, recommend, develop a road map and action plan to reestablish yourself in your current place of employment or building out next steps to ensure that you are ready to embark on your next opportunity.

We remove the fear and provide the re-assurance that you have a team that is dedicated to your success.

No Contract Required, No Setup Fees

1 Session

$59.95 Per Month
  • (1 Session with an HR Consultant
  • 1 Session with a Certified Coach

2 Sessions

$99.95 Per Month
  • 2 Sessions with an HR Consultant
  • 2 Sessions with a Certified Coach

3 Sessions

$139.95 Per Month
  • 3 Sessions with an HR Consultant
  • 3 Sessions with a Certified Coach

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