3 Basic Steps to run at the same speed as Technology

3 Basic Steps to run at the same speed as Technology

Have you ever though about how fast the world is moving? And I’m not referring to the actual Earth’s rotation…I’m talking about the markets, technology, governments,etc…

Just take 20 seconds of the time invested on this blog and think about it. The millennials should be the most aware of this since we have witness great changes in our generation (the rest of generations also…don’t get upset) and yet many of us fail to recognize this reality.

During my professional career I’ve witness many changes in both technology and markets and to my fortune I had great mentors that showed me the way. So…today I want to share those learnings with you! Most of this learnings relate to the skill of fast adaptability, but adaptability to what…well technology.

First let me explain why is important for us (professionals) to keep up the pace with technology.

Today’s world is not ruled by money, status, politics or wealth, it’s owned by technology. Most of the governments around the world see technological advancements as priority in there day to day.

Trust me on this one; over the next couple of years the international power of governments will not be measured by how much weaponry or oil they have, it will be based upon their capabilities of maximizing technology towards their advantage. Having said that, it’s almost obvious how important technology will keep on being for our existence.

Now moving to the tips…technology is an ever changing/evolving monster and most likely we won’t be able to be ahead of whats coming next. Even though we won’t be able to exactly forecast the new technologies, we would be able to project those advancements and what’s needed to be part of them.

Step #1 : Dedicate time to learn about new ideas

This step is the most critical of them all and most logical.

Investing time on learning about new ideas will let you move a bit ahead of the road. Why? Well the answer is simple but yet complicated to see the value.

Let’s take Facebook for a moment…do you think that Zuckerberg and crew just came up with the idea out of a blank piece of paper? Well if you think that they did, you are living on a different world (no offense). When he came out with this idea was because he invested time learning about “future” needs and applied this learnings to existing tools (Myspace/Friendster) and BOOM a worldwide culture was created.

Learning from new ideas is just about searching in the web those companies, technologies and markets that are nothing more than a cute drawing or logo but with a solid background idea that is just waiting for the right moment to pop out. This ideas are open to the world but many of us just ignore them because they are “fantasy”.

Let me ask you a question…how many of you saw TRON the movie? How many of you though that VR (virtual reality) was only a movie “thing”? Surprise….is reality now!!!

Step #2 : Once you learned about new ideas, learn the skills to be part of them


Yeah, learning is one of most critical components for success, happiness, motivation and development. It’s important that once we have done our research of those trendy ideas or up coming “BOOMS”, we invest time on developing the skills need to be part of them.

But why being part of them? Simple…if the trains goes north and you want to head on that direction what you do? Do you hop in and done? Noooooot… you got to buy yourself a ticket!.

The price to be part of the technology train is knowledge.

Let’s talk about VR. Imagine a world (10 years ago)in which you saw a movie that had VR all over it and you said to yourself “I want to create VR technology; but what do I need to KNOW to make it happen?”…Engineering? Cross Environmental Science? 3D modeling? Programming?…following the same imaginary world, you decided to be a programmer…now after 10 years you are a pioneer in VR because of your early projection of the future.

What I’m trying to prove here is that there are many professionals in todays technology world that saw an “impossible” opportunity and made it a reality, just by committing to learning and developing as well as waiting patiently for the moment in which the world would offer the tools to make it happen.

Step #3 : Invest on the “new”

Reality check…we all have to eat, pay bills and mortgage/rent, so sometimes investing or betting on “new” things can be kind of risky or scary.

Even though we can feel this way is important to always have our mind looking forward. Many professionals today are so afraid of letting go that they miss huge and amazing opportunities that can elevate their game to maximum level.

Investments of time, money or energy are all equally important. I’m not saying that you have to invest any of those in the first thing you see, what I’m recommending is that after detailed research you take the risk. Now…if you are going to invest always follow Warren’s Buffet tip –

” Never test the depth of the river with both feet”

Warren Buffet

Investing is always important to keep up with a fast paced reality. Never let the “what if” mentality come across. Remember investment is not only money is also time and dedication, pick which ever suits your reality and move forward.

Take some risk and move to the speed of technology!

Thanks for taking the time to read this Blog!!!

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